Approaching Storm - - At Parker Elementary, caring can get you killed . . . .

School counsellor Ruth Hammond isn't thrilled to be assigned two days a week at little Parker Elementary, but she can understand why. Almost two years ago, when classes resumed following the Christmas break, popular grade two teacher Kelly Walters failed to show. Only days later, Kelly's body was found—the young teacher had been murdered. Police still have no suspects—and no motive.

Ruth's job as a counsellor is to deal with the lingering effects of this tragedy on students and staff. Some students actively seek her help, but Ruth struggles to establish a relationship with little Belle Lapointe, a "watcher" whose secrets might include the death of Kelly Walters—and a lot more.

One evening, Ruth finds Belle hiding in the school and is exposed to a story of shocking abuse. When police and child care agencies seem unable to protect Belle, Ruth decides to take matters into her own hands. She and Belle go on the run- both from Belle's stepfather and from the authorities. Soon they find themselves driving into a storm in more ways than one, as Ruth searches for proof of child abuse and murder at the risk of both their lives.


Storm Passing - - The Sequel . . .

Life has changed for Belle Lapointe. As a small child she suffered abuse, but escape finally came after she told her story to school counsellor Ruth Hammond and both were plunged into danger running from the stepfather and the police.

Six years have passed, and Belle has managed to put the childhood abuse behind her. She lives with Ruth's parents, Bob and Helen Hammond, is an outstanding student at her high school, and her life can only get better.

But Belle can't escape her past. Once more, she finds herself among the hunted, and the stakes are far higher. This time it's not just abuse, but insane revenge—revenge that threatens every member of her new family.

Belle goes on the offensive. She isn't a child anymore, but is protecting the people she loves more than she can handle? For a second time, Belle and Ruth find themselves in a battle, where good seems a weak force against evil as old as time.



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